UGA Specific Information for Music Education

The program of study leading to the degree Bachelor of Music with a major in Music Education is designed to prepare the student for a career in teaching grades K-12 in all areas - general, choral, and instrumental - or to continue study at the graduate level. It provides a broad base of general studies, applied music, music theory, and music history and literature. Professional course work and an internship are offered in the third and fourth year of study. Students completing the program are recommended for certification to teach music in the public school systems of Georgia. Students may elect to specialize as follows: Choral Music Education with a concentration in voice; Choral Music Education with a concentration in piano; Instrumental Music Education with a concentration in piano; or Instrumental Music Education with a concentration in a band or orchestral instruments. With additional study, the degree may be earned with more than one area of emphasis. The comprehensive structure of the program allows for continued study at the graduate level in any area of music.

Employers Hiring UGA Music Education for the Class of 2016*

Barrow County Schools | Cherokee County Schools | Cobb County School District | Gwinnett County Public Schools | Long County School District | Oconee County School District | Paulding County School District | Syracuse School District

Possible Employers Who May Hire UGA Music Education Majors

Music Therapy Centers | Non-Profit Agencies | School Districts

Job Titles of UGA Music Education Majors for the Class of 2016*

Assistant Band Director | Chorus Director and Assistant Band Director | First Grade Teacher | Long Term Substitute Band Teacher | Music Teacher | Supply Teacher - Orchestra | Teacher

Possible Job Titles for UGA Music Education Majors

Asst. Band Director | Background music designer | Teacher

UGA Music Education Career Outcomes for the Class of 2016*

** Includes Self-Employed

*Source: Areas above marked with an Asterisk (*) have been created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The "Employers Hiring ..., Job Titles of ..., Career Outcomes for ..., and Graduate Schools Attended By ..." information listed above represent UGA Graduates. The lists are not exhaustive and therefore do not represent all potential career options. Click here for more detailed Career Outcomes information regarding this major.

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