How to Get Career Fair Ready

Career fairs are an easy way for students and alumni to meet recruiters, find internships and jobs, and gather company information. Below are five steps to help you prepare and leave a great first impression.

For information about the UGA Career Center's "Virtual Career Fairs," click here.


Step 1: Write a Winning Resume

  • Create your resume and make sure it’s updated.
  • Schedule an appointment with your career consultant or visit Drop-In Hours to have your resume critiqued.
  • Bring 10+ printed copies to the fair to give to employers.
  • Consider printing your resume on resume paper.


Step 2: Dress for Success

  • Note the dress recommendations on the Career Center fair registration page in Handshake.
  • Choose your professional outfit (see our "How to Dress for Success" page and the UGA Career Center’s Pinterest account for examples of professional dress).
  • Carry a folder or padfolio with your materials.
  • Remember to set your phone to silent or turn it off.
  • Remember to get rid of gum or lozenges prior to visiting a recruiter.
  • Finish your look with a smile!


Step 3: Do Your Homework

  • Review the list of employers attending the fair on Handshake.
  • Identify your top 3-5 employers and research those companies. See our "Researching Employers" page" for more information.
  • Consider searching companies on Handshake that have checked the “Accepts All Majors” box.
  • Preview job descriptions in Handshake; if there aren’t any listed, check the company website for openings.
  • Develop pertinent questions to ask employers. See the sample questions on this page.


Step 4: Make Your Move

  • Prepare and practice your pitch.
  • When you arrive, review the map of employers to plan your route.
  • Be patient when waiting to speak to employers.
  • Show enthusiasm!
  • Be confident and network independently.


Step 5: Seal the Deal

  • Collect business cards from employers.
  • Determine follow-up and know your next step.
  • Send a "thank you" email within 24 hours.

Pro Tip

Students are encouraged to begin attending career fairs during their first year to learn how they work, meet recruiters, gather company information, and explore various employment opportunities. Many companies are excited to hire first-year students! It is also never too early to start forming strong professional relationships.

Career Center Tips

Appropriate Questions to Ask

  • What are the characteristics of an ideal candidate?
  • What are the hiring projections and trends?
  • What are the staffing needs of [your location preferences]?
  • What are the travel requirements?
  • What are the professional development opportunities/requirements?
  • Could you tell me more about the hiring timeline?

Inappropriate Questions to Ask

  • What jobs are you offering?
  • What is the salary for this position?
  • What benefits do you offer?
  • What can I do with my major?
  • What is your background?

Save the Dates for Upcoming Fairs

Visit our online calendar for a list of upcoming career fair dates. Marking the dates on your calendar in advance will help you get a head start as you prepare for the fair!