Career Development eLC Modules for Graduate and Professional Students

We understand that graduate and professional students have unique career development needs. That's why we're excited to offer our Career Development eLC Modules, specifically designed to help you achieve your professional goals. From exploring career options to securing funding opportunities, our modules provide comprehensive guidance and resources tailored to your needs. With our support, you'll have the confidence and skills you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Career Development eLC Modules for Graduate and Professional Students

Course Preview

Introduction to the Career Center Services for Graduate and Professional Students

  • Identify services offered by the UGA Career Center
  • Locate career resources available through the UGA Career Center and beyond
  • Find help from career consultants and drop-in hours
  • Update your Handshake profile and review its features

Exploring Your Options

  • Navigate various assessments to generate potential sectors of the professional workforce that align with their personal interests, skills, and values
  • Practice aligning experiences and learning with potential employment opportunities
  • Reflect on how the module activities influence their career prospects

Building Your Professional Network

  • Identify and leverage the University-wide mentorship platform including searching for UGA alumni, faculty, or staff mentor using a variety of search criteria including identity, industry, major, location, and more
  • Enhance your mentoring relationships through helpful resources (mentoring guidelines, icebreakers, board of directors worksheet, and more!)
  • Leverage LinkedIn for Networking

Executing the Job Search

  • Identify relevant UGA Career Center resources and other online resources to search for jobs and internships
  • Implement methods for organizing documents and information related to the job/internship search
  • Review networking methods that benefit the search for employment opportunities

Preparing to Apply

  • Update your resume or CV using recommend templates and examples
  • Enhance your cover letter using sample outlines and writing suggestions
  • Create tailored application documents that highlight relevant experiences and skills

Interviewing Effectively

  • Identify professional dress options appropriate to the interview setting
  • Prepare for job-specific questions by conducting employer research
  • Prepare for academic interviewing
  • Practice methods for answering sample interview questions
  • Follow up appropriately with the interviewer during each step of the hiring process

Career Fair Prep for Graduate and Professional Students

  • Develop a career fair pitch for introducing yourself to an employer
  • Research employers to discuss specific opportunities and ask well-informed questions
  • Identify different career fair events hosted by the UGA Career Center, including virtual options

Finding Funding

  • Create a profile in a grant finding database
  • Research relevant funding opportunities that support your financial needs as a graduate student