Displayed below are quotes from the nomination letters of this year's Top 75 Student Employees at the University of Georgia (listed alphabetically by last name)

Nevada Allison

"Nevada is one of the most consistently positive, kind, and helpful people I have had the privilege of working with. "

- Matt Peterson, UGA Golf Course

Amanda Arboleda

"Regardless of her busy schedule, she makes time for students, helps a team member when needed, and manages to meet all of her deadlines."

- Lyndie Mangel, Terry College - Undergraduate Student Services

William Becker

"Will is not of the sort that sits idle; initiative and action - either of these nouns could stand as his middle name."

- Matthew Deason, University Housing

Gabriel Brickner

"Gabriel's attention to detail and robust design thinking skills enable her to ideate solutions and implement those solutions from start to finish."

- Andrew Potter, Office of University Experiential Learning

Anna Brown

"Anna's strong work ethic is evidenced by her ability to prioritize tasks and efficiently carry out her duties."

- Sarah Jordan, The Georgia Review

Sabrina Buck

" Sabrina’s curiosity, motivation and diligence are reflected in her thoughtfulness, punctuality and overall work ethic."

- Catrin Tyl, Food Science and Technology

April Bullard

"During this challenging year, April has the added responsibility of taking the programs and events we had planned and changing them completely to a virtual format."

- Kassie Suggs, FACS Student Success and Advising Center

Caroline Caden

"With the absence of live events, our 'programs' somewhat fell by the wayside until Caroline found a service to create online programs (complete with interactive page turning) that could be imbedded into the web pages for each of our streamed shows."

- William Chastain, Department of Theatre & Film Studies

Courtney Cameron

"To our office and to me, Courtney has brought enthusiasm, organization, creativity, integrity, diplomacy, adaptability, compassion, and a willingness to go above and beyond."

- Pam Cummins, Academic Affairs, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Jack Cenatempo

"Jack is quick to offer a more efficient way to do any number of things and that skill has come in quite handy given the number of events that our office coordinates."

- Colleen Pruitt, Honors Program

Karissa Chilcote

"From day one she contributed to our mission of providing quality products to our customers by listening, following directions accurately, and showing a willingness to ask questions and take direction."

- Jody Hall, Tate Student Center/Print & Copy Services

Garrett Churchwell

"In short, Garrett is not only a valuable asset as a student employee of our golf course maintenance staff, but has and continues to go above and beyond what we ask of him every day."

- Zachary Rhoden, UGA Golf Course Maintenance

Anna Clark

"Ava helped make social distancing classroom plans, marked seats in classrooms, and helped create presentation materials."

- Jessica Owens, Office of University Architects

Tyner Cobb

"Tyner has accrued more than 2,100 hours of driving without accident or incident in his time at Campus Transit."

- Jeff Arthur, Transportation and Parking Services

Kathleen Coriell

"Ms. Coriell provides communication skills, problem solving, and independent leadership skills by editing and formatting the Probate Court Handbook and Benchbook used by Probate Judges in all 159 Georgia counties."

- Douglas Ashworth, ICJE of Georgia (Law School)

Cole Cropper

"Because of Cole's intellectual ability and thirst for knowledge, it doesn't take him very long to catch onto new tasks. "

- Scott Griffith, Golf Course Maintenance

Katherine Czarick

" It did not take long for me to recognize her ability to manage challenging tasks and work across multiple projects in an organized, efficient manner."

- Christopher Cameron, PSO - State Botanical Garden

Bailey Davis

"Bailey’s leadership skills make her a standout amongst her peers."

- Sloan Vlahos, UGA Performance Nutrition

Elaina Davis

"Elaina does not hesitate to work in tandem with other employees, especially those with less experience, and offer advice and encouragement to patrons attempting to better themselves by way of climbing."

- Ryan Edwards, Recreational Sports

Grace Dodds

"Grace has a wonderful way of articulating her thoughts and presenting them via email or speaking in public. "

- Dana Nash, Academic Affairs, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Evan Doran

"Evan is a great team player and a leader among the group of student workers we have, taking the initiative to create collaborative spreadsheets and provide guidance for others’ work."

- Lydia Aletraris, School of Social Work

Kirk Ehrhardt

"There has never been a day where Kirk does not ask a work related question or take things into his own hands when a situation arrives."

- Rusty Gay, Golf Course/Auxiliary Services

Maelyn Ehrman

"Maelyn takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and mentorship to the Peer Tutors she is assigned to mentor, as well as to tutors that she is not assigned. "

- Sarah Cramer, Division of Academic Enhancement

Joanna Eleftheriou

"Tagging PDFs for accessibility is tricky, but Joanna has gladly accepted this challenge and is doing a great job of using resources (like LinkedIn Learning courses) to ensure she has the training needed to successfully complete this task."

- Maggie O'Brien, Career Center

Lindsey Claire Gay

"Her professionalism is comparable with someone far beyond her experience which is reflected in the fact that Claire is able to carry herself in an extremely professional way and works seamlessly in our lab group which consists of a highly diverse group, representing people from all college academic levels, three continents and more than five nationalities. "

- C. Joaquin Caceres, Population Health

Daniel Gragson

"In just a single year, Daniel has mastered not one, but two very different student technician position responsiblilties and has even begun improvements to streamline the workload for future terms."

- Catherine Teare Ketter, Marine Sciences

Francesca Granberry

"Francesca always acts in a professional manner, while making it a point to get to know and always have positive interactions with staff, faculty, and other students in our working group."

- Alexander Abrams, Animal and Dairy Science

Sophia Greenberg

"Only with Sophia's dedication, implement of each step on time, and careful arrangement, we finally achieved rooting percentage of 78.9%."

- Donglin Zhang, Horticulture

Mikayla Greene

"Since Mikayla has worked for our office, she has helped us streamline processes, identify unique ways to engage with students, and back-up historical data."

- Taiesha Smith, COE Office of Experiential Learning

Cannon Hobbs

"Cannon doesn't shy away from problems, rather she looks for solutions and sees it through to a conclusion. "

- John Crumbley, Golf Course

Ava Holzman

"Ava helped to organize and pack an entire library and years’ worth of project records."

- Krista Coleman-Silvers, Space Planning & Management

Katherine Hoovestol

"KT learns quickly and asks just the right questions that show her understanding of how the pieces fit together in the larger whole."

- Kathleen Carter, Brown Media Archives

Ami Itaya

"Ami is also unafraid to suggest her ideas or point out possible issues when changes are made at Starbucks, while maintaining a strict professionalism."

- Andrew Osborne, Retail Dining, Starbucks

Alexandria Jefferson

"She quickly distinguished herself with her outstanding work ethic, unrelenting enthusiasm, and superb conduct in the lab."

- David Forgacs, Center for Vaccine and Immunology

Brianna Johnson

"Brianna is always positive and friendly, helping to maintain a welcoming work environment for everyone. "

- Nicole Bachleda, CAES-Applied Genetic Tech Ctr

Ariyah Jones

"Ariyah perfectly balances taking initiative and thinking critically to solve problems with knowing when and how to ask questions. "

- Theresa Wright, Carl Vinson Institute of Government

Noah Kershner

" Noah is the true team player and the epitome of a student manager here at the Golf Course."

- Rusty Gay, Auxiliary Services

Noam Kleinman

"Noam's skillset combined with his contagious enthusiasm for learning and helping others have made him an incredible asset to myself and the students he has helped. "

- Karen Aguar, MIS

Kelly Krincek

"Kelly has contributed greatly to the face of the ODOS, and without her we would not have been able to reach out and engage students as effectively during the pandemic. "

- Don Reagin, Office of the Dean of Students

Kruthika Kumar

"Kruthika has taken every opportunity to learn as much as she can about mechanical design, which has helped to make her a better future engineer. "

- Austin Chester, FMD Engineering Department

Sarah Landmesser

"We’ve seen engagement in the School of Art’s communication channels increase dramatically as a result of Sarah’s work."

- Kendal Jacques, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Jade Ledford

"Jade is extremely helpful, takes initiative and performs tasks with accurate detail, professionalism, and in a timely manner. "

- Tonya Harris, Foods & Nutrition

Alden Loftis

"Adjusting to working during COVID has been an exercise in patience, adaptability, and flexibility for all of us, and Alden has especially risen to the challenge."

- Jennifer Erickson-Brown, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Ben Mathis

"Ben works well with his teammates, and I often see those same peers going to him for clarification or reassurance on a particular task. "

- Ryan Crowe, Animal Dairy Science

Arianna Mbunwe

"Whether providing excellent customer service or learning a new skill, Arianna’s demeanor is always professional and positive."

- Naomi Sidlow, Dining Services, Campus Catering

Blake McBride

"Blake is charged with many responsibilities that continue to build efficiency for our team and our office as a whole. "

- Jeffrey Burke, 4-H and Youth

Vongai Mhute

"Her qualities of dedication, accountability, and eagerness to help reflect in how she makes herself an incredible asset with the internal processes of the office and the department’s programs. "

- Linden Mathis, International Student Life

Angelica Millen

"Angelica makes it her mission to ensure that each resident feels seen and heard in her hall. "

- Katherine Chambers, University Housing

Shaina Morgan

"Shaina is an employee that is always willing to serve any member of the Law School Community, regardless of the task, and with a smile."

- Amy Gail Wooley, Law School

Emily Nomberg

" Emily is a valuable member of the team, interacts well with other researchers, and frankly, has become indispensable. "

- David Garfinkel, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Sarah Olmstead

" Sarah is able to solve problems and make decisions on her own with very little input from supervisors."

- Ashley Arnold, Geology

Kaylee Palomino

"Kaylee communicates effectively with faculty, staff, students, parents, and various UGA constituents, and is viewed as not only the face and voice of the President’s Office but also of the University of Georgia as a whole."

- Sheila Davis, Office of the President

Chloe Parker

" It has been so wonderful having Chloe on the the CEID staff, as her expertise, creativity, and design skills make our team more well-rounded."

- Robert Ross, Ecology - Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases

Macy Pyres

"Macy works well in a team and is a positive influencer when changes need to be made."

- Tysen deDufour, Transportation & Parking Services

Madison Rae

"Madison has had an important role in providing our office with opportunities to have fun and build community. "

- Rose Tahash, Office of Undergraduate Advising, Mary Frances Early College of Education

Savannah Rathbun

"Savannah has worked well with a team, communicating with the other student employees so everyone is on the same page, and there is a continuity of work between everyone."

- Rachel Ashton, Geology

Matthew Riggs

"Outside of Matthew’s overall capability as a student worker, he does go above and beyond his weekly obligation to make sure the needs of our office are met. "

- Jimmy Lim, Disability Resource Center

Chauncey Robinson

"Chauncey is an extremely social being who we are thrilled to be the face of our programming at UGA outdoor recreation."

- Dave Rector, Recreational Sports

Sydney Rowell

"As the “face” of our department, Sydney welcomes faculty, staff, house officers and professional DVM students with a smile and open ear to answer any question that comes her way."

- Fran Cantrell, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

Merryn Ruthling

"Merryn breathed new life into our weekly social media themes selecting helpful topics based on her student perspective. "

- Whitney Prescott, UGA Career Center

Hannah Sbaity

"Hannah is truly unique in her ability to empathize, establish rapport and reach a very broad range of students from diverse backgrounds. "

- Szilvia Somodi, UGA Law Library

Bryce Schuebert

"Bryce is best communicator I have ever met - he is polite but firm when needed, honest and straightforward, and one of the most pleasant people I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

- Roger Hilten, College of Engineering

Shekiah Shannon

"Her ideas and design skills for posters, social media, videos, cooking demonstrations, and presentation are superior - her classmates and the other student workers have elevated their techniques and approach after seeing Kiah's projects. "

- Katherine Ingerson, Dining Services Administration

Amanda Sheets

"She also brought with her a wonderful, can-do attitude, a habit of taking initiative, and a passion for serving her fellow students."

- Adam Rainville, Dining Services

Kimani Smith

"Kimani shines with outstanding professionalism in this high visibility patient facing position. "

- Larisa Maristany, UGA Health Center Laboratory

Cathara Spencer

"I have worked closely with her over the past year and half – where Cathara has helped me teach, encourage, and mentor her younger peers in a role as my TA. "

- Karen Aguar, MIS

Katerina Tadlock

"What makes Katey stand out as the most accomplished lab assistant is the impact she has had on both the productivity and morale of my research laboratory, which includes graduate and undergraduate researchers."

- Anna Karls, Microbiology

Ebony Upshaw

"Simply put, Ms. Upshaw has set a new standard in how undergraduate workers can support faculty and staff."

- Julie Luft, Mathematics and Science Education

Brooke von Seeger

"Ever since she started in the summer of 2019, Brooke separated herself by having a strong work-ethic, excellent personal communication skills, and a willingness to do whatever task was required to benefit the golf course. "

- Nathan Toburen, UGA Golf Course

Rebecca Wallace

"Rebecca's work to create digital content, develop meaningful initiatives, and execute complex plans has allowed our communications efforts to shine. "

- Claire Sanders, CAES Office of Academic Affairs

James Andrew Widmer

"James' contributions have greatly improved our productivity and have contributed to the organization and efficiency of our research program. "

- Laurel Dunn, Food Science and Technology

Jazmine Wilkerson

"Jazmine's talent for graphic design and illustration have proved to be very valuable for the Archway team and our communities."

- Baker Owens, Public Service and Outreach

Michael Wolfman

"Michael quickly immerses himself in learning new information while, eagerly and unapologetically sharing what he learns with peers."

- Toni Latham, DAR - Career Center

Lora Yordanova

"Lora has gone above and beyond the normal duties of the MLC Student Consultant requirements and made the last year much easier for me, her fellow workers, and the atmosphere at the MLC."

- Steven Barrow, EITS CTS

Robert Zanone

"Oliver showed talent in a plethora of engineering skills both in theory and hands on. In the summer he proved himself to the level that it was more like working with a coworker than a student."

- Mark Trudgen, College of Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering