Introducing Yourself to an Employer

Career Fair Pitch Template

An elevator pitch can be used to introduce yourself at a career fair or networking event with employers. See below for a template. Fill in appropriate information as it relates to your experience, your industry, and the reason you are speaking to an employer. Don’t forget to practice to sound natural!

“Hello, my name is (name). I am a (1st/2nd/3rd/4th year) studying (major/minor) and am looking for a (full-time/part-time/internship) in (industry). Over the past few years, I have (worked/volunteered/ researched) with (company/student group/etc.) as the (position/role). Through this position I have developed a better understanding of (industry) as well as useful (skills/knowledge) that I hope to use in my next position. I know that (company name) is currently hiring for (name of open position). I am very interested in applying. Could you tell me more about (opportunities available/application process/training/etc.)?”

Elevator Pitch Examples

Pitch Example 1

“Hello, my name is Dan. I am a senior studying Communication Studies and am looking for an internship in public relations. Over the past year, I have worked with my communications student organization as the Marketing Director. Through this position I have developed a better understanding of the PR field as well as useful marketing and communication skills that I hope to use in my next position. I know that you are currently hiring for your summer marketing internship. I am very interested in applying. Could you tell me more about the application process?”

Pitch Example 2

“Hello, my name is Jamal. I am a first-year Intended Management student and am seeking a summer opportunity in the supply chain industry. Currently, I am a member of Freshman Leadership Council at UGA. This organization has improved my teamwork and communication skills that I hope to utilize during a summer internship. Can you tell me about the opportunities available to first-year students within your organization?”

Conversation with a Recruiter Example

You may find that the interactions you have with employers differ depending on the person. Reciting your pitch all at once may not always be appropriate. See below for an example of how you can still incorporate the information from your pitch into a conversation with an employer.

Student: Hello, I’m (your name).

Employer/Recruiter [introduces themselves and you might shake hands]

Student: I am a (fill in the blank) major with an emphasis on (your particular area of focus if it is related to the employer). I’m very interested in (fill in what the organization does), and in your company in particular due to your value for (insert value or information gathered from their website). I would like to learn more about what internship/job opportunities your company offers.

Employer: [Mentions internship/job opportunities]

Student: That sounds very interesting! What skills and experience are needed to qualify for your entry level positions?

Employer: [Lists some of the skills and experience they look for]

Student: Between my coursework, employment, and volunteer experience I’ve been able to develop a number of skills including (list your relevant skills and experiences relevant to this particular employer). And I bring a sense of passion and enthusiasm to everything I do! What are the next steps for applying to your organization?

Employer: [Offers information on next steps]

Student: Thank you so much! This was very helpful. May I leave a copy of my resume with you? / May I have your contact information so I can follow up with you later?

Pro Tip

Be sure to follow up with the person you met within 24 hours. Use the button below to review our "Email Correspondence Examples" page for more information.