Low Socioeconomic Status Student Resources

The UGA Career Center is committed to supporting the career development of students with low socioeconomic status. From food and shelter to transportation and employment, our team has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for you to explore.

Select the topics/categories listed below to access a list of websites that may help you as you pursue your academic goals at UGA:

Food, Shelter & Family Services Resources

  • Let All The Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship - Scholarship that supports students who struggle to afford adequate nutrition and allows them to concentrate on academic success without the worry of securing their next meal.
  • UGA Student Food Pantry - Provides non-perishable & refrigerated food items to students in need.
  • Fresh Express Free Student Market - Fresh produce bundles for students facing food insecurity.
  • Bulldog Basics - Provides personal care and toiletry items to UGA students on the Athens campus.
  • Franklin Fridge - For students who are thirsty, hungry, or short on time: need a snack, take a snack.
  • Swap Shop - A place to trade personal items, which keeps usable goods out of landfills and recirculates them back to the campus community. It functions like a free thrift store.
  • Embark - Support for students who have experienced homelessness and/or foster care.
  • Lydia’s Place - A local Athens non-profit providing temporary housing accommodations, gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories free of charge to young adults aged 17-24 who have experienced foster care or homelessness.
  • UGA SGA Professional Clothing Closet - Free professional clothing for students by students. 
  • Student Transitions - Campus department dedicated to supporting students through key times of transition during their time at the University of Georgia.   

Case Management, Health & Mental Health Support Resources 

  • Student Care & Outreach - A campus department committed to coordinating care and assistance for all students, undergraduate and graduate, who experience complex, hardship, and/or unforeseen circumstances, by providing individualized assistance and tailored interventions.
  • University Health Center - Campus resource providing UGA students with primary, specialty, and mental healthcare, health promotion, education, and wellbeing.
  • Shifa Clinic Athens  - A non-profit clinic with a mission to provide free healthcare services to those under-insured in Athens.
  • Nuçi's Space  - Offers low-cost health services to music professionals in the Athens community. They have counseling services,         as well as free or low-cost dental or vision exams.
  • Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) - Campus resource for emotional, social, and behavioral health support.
  • Psychology Clinic - An outpatient mental health clinic operated by the Clinical Training Program of the Department of Psychology at           The University of Georgia.   

Financial Aid Resources 

  • Financial Aid  - Informing current students of the resources and services available to them to secure funds for financing their education, advising students of their eligibility for financial assistance in a timely manner, and educating them about the financial and academic responsibilities associated with the receipt of that aid.
  • Financial Hardship Resources  - Guidance and resources to help students understand available options in times of financial hardship.
  • Student Emergency Fund - Limited, one-time financial assistance to enrolled students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an emergency, such as an accident, illness, death of a family member, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Graduate Student Emergency Fund - Provides financial assistance to full-time, currently enrolled, degree-seeking graduate students who, due to      circumstances beyond their control, have suffered an unforeseen, acute, and temporary crisis that causes financial hardship.
  • Single Semester Short Term Loan - A small, one-time single semester loan with no interest. 

Student Employment Resources 

Academic Resources  

  • Academic Advisors - Academic advisors help low-income students in many ways. From identifying skillsets to recommending tutors and programs to help them succeed, academic advisors can be a student’s life jacket during a difficult, confusing time.
  •  Academic Coaching - Academic Coaches help students assess where they are now and articulate where they want to be going forward. Coaches help students identify their best next actions steps and how to connect those steps with their long-term goals and core values.
  • Peer Tutoring - The Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) offers free undergraduate tutoring services through Peer Learning and Teaching Others (PLaTO). All currently enrolled UGA undergrad students can meet with a Peer Tutor who has successfully completed the course being tutored to discuss class content, ask questions, and share study tips and resources.
  • Writing Center - The UGA Writing Center offers support to students, faculty, and staff on a wide variety of writing projects. Our services are free of cost and available to all UGA writers and recent alums.  

Transportation Resources 

  • Both UGA and Athens Clarke County buses are free for students and employees. If you swipe your student/staff ID on the ACC bus it will let you on without a charge. There are many routes that go to UGA.
  • The Oconee Street Park & Ride provides a location for free parking on weekdays that UGA holds school. Trips are every 20 minutes from 7:00am-8:37am, and then again that evening from 3:18-5:25pm. It takes Route 23 from the Park & Ride lot to UGA’s north campus.
  • UGA Campus Transportation is one of the best ways to get around campus. The bus  system carries a greater volume of passengers than any other University transit system in the United States. Campus Transit provides bus and para-transit services to the UGA campus.  Keeping track of the next available bus is easy through UGA’s mobile app available on Apple and Android devices and at routes.uga.edu

Single Parent Resources 

  • Project F.R.E.E. - A campus-community partnership helping parents develop skills to strengthen the quality of their couple and/or co-parenting relationships. We are also supporting parents in building the capacity to build and manage financial resources. 
  • Single Mom Grocery Program - Resource for single mothers in need of grocery support 
  • SingleMom.com - Online resource webpage with details on assistance for Single Moms in Georgia
  • Helping Hands for Single Moms - Resources assisting low-income single mom families as the mother attains post-secondary, financial independence, and a positive family legacy.
  • The Patsy Mink Foundation - Named for Patsy Takemoto Mink, an American civil liberties attorney and the first woman of color elected to Congress, the Foundation offers five $5,000 education support awards to help low-income women continue their education.
  • Live Your Dream Award - Sponsored by Soroptimist, this scholarship program offers three levels of cash awards up to $16,000 to single mothers with minor children. Recipients can apply these funds toward the cost of tuition, supplies, and childcare.
  • Custody X Change Giving Fund Single Parent Scholarships - An essay-based scholarship, Custody X Change offers one financial award per semester to a single parent who has primary custody of a minor child. There are three entry periods, and essay topics change with every new entry period.