4 Tips to Help You Survive #adulting

Adulting. This (some-what) new phenomena that is sweeping our nation as 18 to 20-something year olds mature from depending solely on their guardians to surviving as independents in this great big world. Urban Dictionary defines Adulting as: “to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grownups.” This is a natural transition for people as they learn to take care of themselves, but it is not always an easy one. Hopefully, the 4 tips listed below will help you to experience a smooth transition into the life of #adulting.

#adulting on a Budget

So now that you’re out in this fabulous world, I bet you realize how expensive the things you love can cost. Not to mention, there are no more meal plans, housing isn’t included in tuition of life, and there’s this thing called taxes that are now being taken out of your paycheck. To survive the trap of debt, the adulting thing to do would be to create a budget. Make a list of all your monthly expenses, and compare the expense amount to the amount of money you make each month. If the expense amount is larger than the income amount then you may want to make some changes, for example, cutting back on your shopping or dining-out routine or taking a side gig to earn some extra cash. Check out this link for 7 simple and free budgeting tools.

Finding New #adulting Friends

You may have moved to a new city for a job and are looking to make new friends. Finding friends as an adult can be much more difficult than when you were in college. You can find new friends a few different ways. (1) Work Buds- You can always befriend coworkers. (2) Hobby Pals- Find a gym or a local book club, whatever your favorite hobby is, find a group of people doing the same. Your new bestie may be there. (3) Local Meet Up’s- These days you can find different apps that allow people to come together in cities just to meet new friends. Here’s a link of 10 Great Apps for Meeting New Friends

#adulting Professionally

You no longer hold the title of student worker. You are officially a professional. In this position you want to make sure to dress and act the part, which is dependent on the environment of where you work. To ensure a smooth transition into your new office learn office culture and be sure to ask your new coworkers for the do’s and don’ts of the office. If you find yourself in a work environment that’s not a good fit for you, remember as a UGA Alumni you still have access to the UGA Career Center’s services. Feel free to contact the office for help with any career needs, like resume critiquing, job searching, and mock interviews.

#adulting Self-Care

As an adult it is crucial that you create a self-care routine to help get yourself through the different stressors of life. If you had a pretty good self-care routine in college, keep it going! If not, learn what helps you relax. Whether it’s taking long jogs, going to the gym, or Netflix and chillin’ for a night, find what puts your mind at ease. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so don’t be afraid to contact local counselors in your area. Also remember to schedule your routine doctor visits. You want to keep yourself healthy.

Navigating life can be awesome once you figure things out. By following these tips, hopefully you will avoid experiencing all the many bumps and bruises that can come with #adulting.

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