A Glimpse into the Services at the Career Center

As the end of summer approached, I wrapped up my job as a pool manager at the Atlanta Athletic Club, and prepared for my internship at the Career Center. I was a little nervous about transitioning from a summer lifeguarding job to an internship at UGA. Luckily, the Career Center staff planned two training days to help myself and the other Career Development Interns feel 100% prepared for our first weeks as CDIs. Throughout these two days we were educated in all the services, resources, and events the Career Center offers UGA students and alumni. Here are a few of my favorites:

Walk-ins– Monday through Friday, from 12pm until 2pm, you can drop by the Career Center (located on the 2nd floor of Clark-Howell Hall) and meet with a consultant for a ten minute resume critique, cover letter critique, or any other quick questions you may have about searching for a job. 

Mock Interviews– This is literally a practice interview. Start by making a mock interview appointment with your Career Consultant. Treat the mock interview as if you were interviewing for an actual job. This means you should dress professionally, bring your resume, and a description of the job you are preparing to interview for. After the interview, your Career Consultant will give you feedback to help you improve. Mock interviews are the perfect way to practice your interviewing skills. Call the Career Center at 706-542-3375 or drop by to make an appointment.

Choosing a Major/Career Assessments– The Career Center offers a variety of assessments to help you gain a better understanding of what major or career field you may want to go into.

FOCUS 2 is an online resource that assesses your personal characteristics to help determine what careers you may be interested in.

TypeFocus is another online assessment that looks at your personality strengths, and matches them with a variety of career options.

Strong Interest Inventory is a more in-depth analysis of career options that may interest you. This online test costs $30 and requires a one-on-one appointment with a consultant to go over your results.

Stop by the Career Center to obtain the access codes for these tests and make an appointment with your consultant!  

These are just a few of the great services and resources the Career Center has to offer you. Feel free to drop in and learn more about all the ways the Career Center can help you throughout your time at The University of Georgia.

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