Introducing the Arch Ready Lapel Pin

Introducing the Arch Ready Lapel Pin

Students can now proudly tell the world that they are ready for life beyond the Arch with the Career Center’s new commemorative Arch Ready lapel pin! Earning the pin is simple…

Step 1: Post about your new job or graduate school acceptance on the social media platform of your choice and use #ArchReady within your post.

Step 2: Visit the Career Center, show us your post, and receive your pin!

Students can also secure their pin through the completion of our new Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate. In order to complete the Certificate, you must attend five or more of the many eligible Career Center events and workshops during the Fall 2015 semester and complete a short assessment after each session you attend. To receive the Certificate, you must also fill out the final Arch Ready survey on the Career Center website after attending the required five events. Once you have completed the certificate, just visit the Career Center to receive your pin! For more information on the program, as well as the list of eligible events and requirements, checkout the Career Center's Arch Ready web page.

Either way you choose to earn your pin demonstrates that you are ready for the transition into the professional world. Just as the University of Georgia is dedicated to helping its students succeed in life beyond graduation, the Career Center is committed to helping you successfully transition into the professional world of work. What are our students doing after graduation, beyond the arch?  Check out The University of Georgia Career Outcomes Survey to find out!  The purpose of our Career Outcomes Survey is to provide insight into the employment status or continuing education plans for UGA graduates within an average of six months after their respective graduation date. The data collected provides detailed information based on a student’s major concerning employment, salary, and graduate school information. The data we publish is helpful to current and prospective students, their parents, and our employer base. Check it out on the UGA Career Outcomes web page.

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