Part-time Jobs in Athens

Part-time jobs and quarterbacks

I get excited about football season and the Dawgs! I can’t wait until we kickoff the season with our first opponent, the University of Louisiana Monroe Wart-Hawks. The Wart-Hawk can see hair on a wart from the cruising altitude of a commercial jetliner.  An impressive skill but I don’t think it will be able to stop Nick Chubb from running all over the ULM defense. The biggest question on everybody’s mind is who the quarterback will be. Three guys are vying for the coveted position. Now, the question I have for you is this. Do you think any of these 3 quarterbacks are not working hard to win the position? Well, let me answer that for you with a huge NO! They are working their tails off by memorizing plays, working out, looking at film, and other important stuff quarterbacks do to prepare. I’m certain they don’t spend the majority of their time at the pool with a sweet tea in one hand, and waffle fries in the other. They are competing the hard way.

When looking for a job in Athens, I’d like to suggest finding it the hard way. This means war, preparation and readiness! Okay, I might be overstating it a bit and I did spend some time with my tea and fries this summer, but I already have a job, you don’t. The following tips will help you land a part-time job in Athens.

Make sure your resume looks awesome and that it accurately reflects your education, work history, campus involvement, volunteer work, and any special skills. Have someone at the UGA Career Center critique your resume. You can either call us for an appointment at 706-542-3375 or use our walk-in hours, Monday-Friday, 12-2pm in Clark Howell Hall, 2nd Floor.

Begin telling everyone you know, even grandma (no wart jokes here), that you are looking for a part-time job to gain experience. Our most recent 2015 survey sent to UGA students about part-time jobs and internships, 50% tell us they found the position through friends, family (grandma) or other personal contacts (the grandma network). Speak with your friends who currently have jobs in Athens and ask them to talk with the hiring manager about openings. Ask your friend to put in a good word for you to the manager. If they are a true friend, they will help you land that job you need to build your resume.

If your friend and family network is small, you will need to work a little harder. The second greatest way students are finding positions, according to our survey, is applying directly to employers through the employer website or visiting the employer at the store location (30%). In Athens off-campus jobs, most hiring managers would like students to stop by and introduce themselves and drop off a resume. Do your homework and make sure the employer doesn’t have an online application first. Always fill out the online application, wait 3-5 days, then visit the hiring manager to explain you have applied online but wanted to come in and introduce yourself. Make sure to have an elevator pitch to deliver which states your name, major, year in school, and some details about previous experience working a part-time job.

Don’t miss the Student Employment Fair held each Fall semester in the Tate Grand Hall! This will be a great way to land a position. Login to Handshake at to find a local job. You can search for on-campus and off-campus jobs on Handshake. If you are looking specifically for an on-campus job, make sure you read about all of your options HERE.

Take your part-time job search to the next level. Think about the effort the Georgia quarterbacks are expending right now. You want to either see your name in lights or on a sick nametag at your next place of employment. Either way, that part-time job in college will help you with the next step in your career development. Hiring managers for entry-level positions want to see work experience through internships and part-time jobs. This is the real world and your resume will be better for it. And remember, once you land that position, work like a DAWG! 

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