Real Talk Podcast Release

Do you have unanswered questions about how to get involved on campus or set personal goals? Maybe you are unsure about life after graduation, entering the workforce, or applying to graduate school. If so, you are not alone! These are all critical questions students ask of themselves and the UGA Mentor Program wants to help you answer them through our new podcast, ‘Real Talk: A UGA Mentor Program Podcast.’

The Mentor Lab and UGA Mentor Program Ambassadors are excited to bring to you real conversations with real dawgs. This podcast centers discussion around common student challenges with seasoned alumni. Through this podcast, we plan to help you navigate through higher education while offering guidance through authentic conversations with UGA alumni mentors. In our first season, you can expect episodes to highlight personal growth through mentorship, being a Student of Color at a predominantly white institution (PWI), thriving as a first-generation student, and imposter syndrome. The UGA Mentor Program strives to connect students with alumni to develop meaningful relationships because we appreciate the transfer of knowledge alumni are able to offer current students. This podcast serves as an example of the potential conversations that can occur between mentor and mentee and can be used as a guide for best practices when engaging in mentoring relationships. We hope that by diving into these conversations with experienced alumni, students and alumni will see the additional value and benefit of mentorship. We hope that you will tune in to hear more!

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