Simple Ways to Get Career Ready: Arch Ready FAQ

Whether you are looking for a simple resume-builder or if you are trying to decide on a major, the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate is a good way to get involved at UGA. As a student, you can take advantage of expert career advice that can propel you toward an internship, grad school, or job opportunity you are seeking. Here are some FAQs about the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate to help you get started:

How can I attend an Arch Ready program?

  1. Review our Arch Ready program calendar.
  2. Register for an event that interests you.
  3. Attend the event!

Will Arch Ready events be virtual in 2020?

Yes. All Arch Ready events are virtual in Fall 2020. They will be conducted via Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting, depending on the purpose of the event. You can find links to register for Arch Ready programs on our Arch Ready Programs Calendar.

What is the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate?

The Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate is a workshop series the UGA Career Center offers each semester. We call it “Arch Ready” because the arch stands as symbolic boundary between campus and the professional world. At the Career Center, being “Arch Ready” means being prepared for life after graduation. We want each student to be ready to succeed once they leave campus, and the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate helps us prepare students for professional success.

How Can I Earn the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate?

Earning the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate requires you to attend 5 Arch Ready programs within the span of one semester and complete required surveys. You can view our Arch Ready page for all the details on how to obtain the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate.

What Arch Ready Programs are available this semester?

You can see the full list of upcoming programs on our calendar.

What Can I Do with My Arch Ready Certificate?

Once you have earned your Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate, you can add it to your resume and share it on your LinkedIn page. It’s a simple way to connect with the Career Center and learn a lot of skills to help you in your career development while at UGA. It can also signal to employers that you take your career development seriously, and that you want to be well-prepared to enter the workplace. (See “Marketing Your Other Experience” in our Career Guide for sample language you can adapt to include the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate on your resume).

Do I have to work towards the certificate to attend Arch Ready Programs?

No. You can attend as many or as few programs as you like, but you must attend five within the span of one semester if you wish to earn the certificate.

What topics does the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate cover?

We cover a wide range of topics in 40+ plus programs. Some topics include: Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviewing, Applying to Graduate School, Salary Negotiation, and Social Media and the Job Search to name a few. We also offer Express Workshops, Industry Insider panels, and programs focused on Diversity and Inclusion.

Who presents Arch Ready programs?

The UGA Career Center staff manages Arch Ready programs. Presenters may include UGA Career Center Consultants and staff, and we frequently invite employers and alumni guest speakers to present Arch Ready program content.  

What if I need an accommodation to participate in an Arch Ready program?

The Career Center is committed to providing access for all people. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact us at at least two weeks prior to the event to arrange reasonable accommodations.

Who can attend Arch Ready programs?

The Arch Ready program is designed for current UGA students. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are encouraged to attend. UGA alumni may also participate in Arch Ready events. However, we have a great line up of alumni resources that may be better suited to the needs of alumni.

Will I receive academic credit for earning the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate?

No. This program is separate from academic programs at the University.

What if I have more questions about the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate?

Email us at with further questions.

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