Video Interviewing

Due to COVID-19, video interviewing is becoming a popular option for companies that are continuing to hire talent. If you are currently job seeking, you may have a video interview coming up in the future!

What is a video interview?

A video interview is an interview that takes place remotely using your webcam on your laptop or desktop computer instead of sitting in a room with an interviewer. A “synchronous” video interview is live- meaning the interview is not being recorded for later viewing, but it is a real-time conversation with the employer. This article will focus on the “asynchronous interview” where you record your responses for the interviewer to watch later.

What the video interviewing platform looks like.

Depending on the company’s preferences, the platform could look different for every interview, but the general concepts will remain the same. If a company invites you to video interview, the process will resemble the following:

  1. You will receive an invitation via email with instructions, a link to the video interviewing platform, and a deadline. You will need to complete the interview before the given deadline, but that is the only scheduling restraint (you could do your interview at 3 in the morning if you wanted to!)
  2. The platform will go over some brief instructions on how to navigate your interview. The platform will suggest that you test your sound and video to ensure that there are no technical issues. This is a highly recommended step to take, as you want to be certain that the employer can see you clearly and hear all of the detail in your responses!
  3. The platform will send you through a couple practice questions. These practices are not part of the interview, but help you get adjusted to this different type of interview. It is again recommended that you complete this step so that you feel more comfortable when the actual interview begins.
  4. Each interviewing platform is different, but you will usually have 30 seconds to view the question and think about your answer before the platform starts recording your answer. You will be given a maximum time allowed to answer- usually about 3 minutes. You don’t need to take up this much time if you don’t need it to appropriately answer the question. Some platforms will allow you a “do-over” recording for each answer- meaning if you messed up on the first question, you can re-record.
  5. Once you have answered all the questions, your responses are recorded and you’re done! Congrats!

Some dos and don’ts for video interviewing.


  • Like most things, interviewing takes practice! Practice via the UGA Career Center’s resource Big Interview at After signing in with your UGA ID, you can press “practice” on the top menu bar. This platform will ask you a question and record your answer via your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet webcam for self-evaluation.
  • Allow plenty of time to prepare for your interview. Check out the Career Center’s information on how to prepare for your interview here. Your preparation should include doing research about the company. To learn more about why research is so important, see here.
  • It is recommended you use a laptop or desktop for your interview, not a smartphone or tablet.
  • Before your interview starts, prop your laptop up a few inches so you’re not looking down during the interview. You can accomplish this by placing a few textbooks underneath your laptop to get your webcam about eye level. Look at the camera, not yourself on the screen, when responding.
  • Wear business professional clothing, just like you would for any other interview. Search for the UGA Career Center on Pinterest for examples of professional attire.
  • Be in a clean, quiet place away from distractions or interruptions. If you would like, you can call the Career Center 24-hours in advance to reserve one of the interview rooms.
  • If you are using a laptop, make sure it is fully charged. • Take your time getting set up for the interview and complete all recommended practices that the platform provides.
  • A little personality goes a long way! While this can be a nerve-racking process, the whole point is to get to know you, so let your personality shine through!


  • Don’t rush- allow yourself plenty of time to complete the interview.
  • Don’t feel like you need to take the whole time for each question. When you have finished answering, move on to the next question.
  • Don’t use your “do-over” recording if you don’t need it.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute- you never know when technical difficulties may happen.
  • Don’t forget to smile!

If you have further questions about video interviewing, consider making a Zoom appointment with your career consultant. To do this, log in to Handshake and select “Career Center” and then “Appointments.”

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