Career Development eLC Modules for Pre-Health Students

Are you a pre-health student at the University of Georgia? Whether you're just starting out or preparing to graduate, our Career Development eLC Modules are here to help you succeed. Designed specifically for pre-health students, our eLC modules will guide you through every step of the application process for medical, dental, nursing, or allied health schools. With modules tailored to your needs, you can explore healthcare careers, build experiences, and develop your application materials to stand out from the crowd.

Career Development eLC Modules for Pre-Health Students

Course Preview


  • Identify members of the UGA Career Center Pre-Health Team
  • Plan appropriately for expected application timelines
  • Navigate to Pre-Professional Advising Office resources

Explore Careers in Healthcare

  • Identify resources for exploring various pre-health careers
  • Synthesize multiple sources of information to gain a clear understanding of their prospective pathway

Gaining Pre-Professional Experiences

  • Determine and implement strategies to find shadowing and research opportunities
  • Implement methods for organizing documents and information related to job shadowing and/or clinical work hours
  • Self-advocate for research opportunities at UGA that meet their professional interests and personal needs
  • Review networking methods that benefit the search for professional opportunities
  • Differentiate between shadowing and clinical hour requirements depending on your field of study

Finding Job & Internship Opportunities

  • Identify their job values and motivations for work
  • Explore and apply approaches to discover job and internship opportunities
  • Implement methods for organizing documents and information


  • Update a resume using recommended templates and examples
  • Create a tailored application document that highlights relevant experiences and skills

Personal Statements

  • Describe the components of a strong personal statement
  • Identify common mistakes when writing a personal statement


  • Identify common interview types and interview questions
  • Prepare for interviews using online resources and mock interviews
  • Utilize best practices during virtual and in-person interviews

Gap/Growth Years & Reapplication

  • Identify and implement at least 2 methods for filling your gap year during application or reapplication
  • Determine and address areas where you can build credentials for a strong application