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Birds play an increasingly important part in human economy and society. Domesticated birds provide food, feathers and companionship; wild birds are significant players in nearly every terrestrial ecosystem. Avian science majors consider birds as both economically and environmentally important organisms. Bird biology, behavior, productivity and management are all subjects avian science majors study in detail. Graduates may work with food birds such as chickens; with birds kept as companions or in aviaries; with game bird populations or with wild birds in any part of the world. 

Class of 2019 Career Outcomes for Avian Biology*

** Includes Self-Employed

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The information below represents employers and position titles from the Class of 2019 Career Outcomes Survey. To view historical Career Outcomes for this major, click here and select "Historical Data" from the navigation menu.

Employer Position Title(s)
Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett Technician
Pawtropolis Animal Caretaker
Petco Aquatics Specialist
Zoo Atlanta Camp Educator
* denotes no responses received.
*Source: Areas above marked with an Asterisk (*) have been created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The "Employers Hiring...," "Job Titles of...," "Career Outcomes for...," and "Graduate/Professional Schools and Programs..." information listed above represent UGA Class of 2019 Graduates. The lists are not exhaustive and therefore do not represent all potential career options. Click here for more detailed Career Outcomes information regarding this major.


Graduate School Program(s)
Augusta University Medicine, MD
Colorado State University Toxicology, Degree Not Specified
Mercer University Medicine, MD
Midwestern University Veterinary Medicine, DVM
St. George's University Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Texas A&M University Toxicology, Degree Not Specified
University of Georgia Poultry Science, MS; Poultry Science, PhD; Veterinary Medicine, DVM
* denotes no responses received.