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Every organization and company needs people who can read and write well. If you have ever gone to a museum’s website, or listened to a podcast, or clicked through an email advertising a sale at your favorite store, there was someone like you on the other end creating these examples of successful communication. Companies and organizations have stories to tell—to stakeholders, to other businesses, and to the public, and someone majoring or minoring in English has the necessary close reading skills, audience awareness skills, argument crafting skills, research skills, and rhetorical sensitivity to thrive in content producing and editing positions.

Some (though certainly not all) possible career paths include:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Publishing
  • Web content production
  • Libraries

The English Department at the University of Georgia is held together by a common commitment to preserving, transmitting, and extending the rich cultural legacy of the English language. At the core of our discipline lie the complex skills of reading and writing, and though these can be productively applied to a wide range of professional goals our own work as scholars and teachers strives to deepen our understanding of the critical and creative imagination. A sympathetic participation in the verbal worlds of other times and places, drawing on the full range of linguistic tools, historical knowledge, and interpretive experience at our disposal, allows our students to enhance their appreciation for expressive possibility. 

We offer classes focused on particular genres (fantasy, science fiction, spy novels), classes based in historical periods (like Modernism or Medievalism), classes focused on particular kinds of writing (epistolary, historical, creative), and more. We offer a range of different Creative Writing courses, as well as classes on Style and Writing for the Web. We also have classes focused on the way literature interacts with various big ideas and topics, like Literature and Revolution, Literature and the Black Atlantic, Literature and Philosophy, and Literature and Childhood.

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Class of 2023 Career Outcomes for English*

** Includes Self-Employed

Campus Resources

The Department of English

  • Organizations
  • Career and Internship Resources
    • Literary Media Internship (ENGL 4840) for students interested in internships including but not limited to publishing, editing, and arts administration.
    • Teaching and Pedagogy Internship (ENGL 4841) for students pursuing internships in teaching literature and/or writing at either the college or secondary level. (developing curriculum, lecturing, conducting discussion, tutoring students, and helping to assess student work)
    • Technical and Professional Communication Internship (ENGL 4842) for internships in business, technical, scientific, and non-profit venues.
    • Library or Museum Studies Internship (ENGL 4844) is for those interested in interning in libraries or museums.
    • College in Prison Internship (ENGL 4845S) gives students the opportunity to work with incarcerated students.
    • Internships are available with the: 
  • Areas of Emphasis Overview
    • Advanced Studies in English
      • This concentration prepares you for continuing your Studies at the Graduate and Professional levels, whether in Law, Business, Medical school or other programs. The track helps specifically with preparation for the GRE subject test in English, emphasizing literary theory, advanced writing, and historical coverage.
    • American Literature
      • Extensive study of American literature from its colonial origins to the present, including writers of all races, religions, and nationalities. 
    • Creative Writing
      • Intense focus on Creative Writing classes as well as the study  of classic and contemporary examples of creative literature. 
    • Eighteenth-Century Literature
      • An area of emphasis in eighteenth-century British literature provides students a grounding in literary studies that can be applied to versatile fields, including law, literary studies, and business.
    • English Language Studies
      • A sister-concentration to Linguistics. In this track, you will examine how English as a language functions and the interplay between language and literature.
    • Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies
      • If you love all things Renaissance -- history or the languages or even the fashions -- this cross-departmental concentration provides the ultimate foundation in Renaissance (or Early Modern) Studies.
    • Humanities Computing
      • This Area of Emphasis examines how English Studies work in new media and the digital age.
    • Medieval Literature
      • Focuses on early literatures and languages from the British Isles, including work in Old English and Middle Welsh.
    • Multicultural American Literature
      • Combines work in a variety of disciplines and examines the literary and artistic productions of peoples historically under-represented in English curricula.
    • Poetics
      • Poetry in theory and in practice from its ancient roots to the present day. 
    • Rhetoric and Composition
      • This Area of Emphasis looks at what writing is and means. In this concentration you will examine how the way a thing is stated or formed affects/reflects meaning within the composition itself and the cultural circumstances that produced it as well.
    • Studies in the Novel
      • This Area of Emphasis examines what makes "the novel" unique within English Studies, studying examples of the novel from the inception of the genre through contemporary explorations of what the medium can do. 
  • Alumni Success Stories
  • Double Dawgs
  • The Jill and Marvin Willis Center for Writing

UGA Libraries DigiLab

  • Digital Humanities is a research method for the Humanities which uses digital tools to turn traditional objects of study into data. As data we can analyze text, map historical documents, create visualizations, and then use humanities skills to analyze these results.
  • Tutorials (Data Visualization, Text Analysis, Mapping)

Find More:

Additional UGA Career Center Recommendations

Occupational Outlook Handbook (Top-employing Occupations for Workers with an English Degree)

O*Net (Job Profiles)

LinkedIn Learning (Certifications to Build Skills)

  • Essential Skills in Adobe InDesign Professional Certificate
  • Career Essentials in Project Management by Microsoft and LinkedIn
  • American Staffing Association Corporate Recruiting Professional Certificate

Forage (Job Simulations)

  • GE Aerospace, Explore Human Resources
  • lululemon, Omnichannel Marketing
  • The New York Times, Advertising Sales
  • Accenture North America, Project Management
  • Browne Jacobson, Introduction to Law
  • College of Law, New Law Careers

Candid Career (Video Interviews from English majors)

Vault (Guides to Specific Careers and Industries)

  • Project Management Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Communications Jobs
  • Staffing & Human Resources Jobs
  • Museum & Cultural Center Jobs
  • Library & Information Science Jobs
  • Event Planning Jobs

Additional Career Research Resources

  • O*NET Online – The O*NET database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with over 900 occupations.  
  • My Next Move – An interactive tool for students and job seekers to learn more about their career options.  
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – The OOH is a career resource offering information on the hundreds of occupations that provide most of jobs in the United States.  
  • Vault – provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work in an industry, company, or profession – and how to position yourself to land that job.  
  • Candid Career – This resource provides you with access to thousands of informational video interviews with real professionals through an easy-to-use website.  
  • UGA Mentor Program – Connect with a mentor (alumni, faculty, staff) to research and explore industries and careers. Research industries and careers by connecting with a mentor for a quick chat or formal 16-week mentorship through the UGA Mentor Program.  
  • Interstride - Interstride is an interactive tool for both international and domestic students to enhance their international experience and employment potential. The platform consists of job-listings, hiring trends, employer information, self-assessments, and up-to-date immigration guidance. 
  • Glassdoor - Glassdoor is a free jobs and career community that offers an inside look at jobs and companies through "employee generated content" – anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more – all posted by employees and job seekers.  
  • Steppingblocks - Research your future career with real-world stats about your major, your interests, and your dream job title with career and education searches designed to find your best path based on millions of others. It’s data-powered career exploration for doers like you. 

Employment Websites


  • Handshake (scroll down to the bottom of the page; login with your UGA MyID and password)  
  • LinkedIn (this popular networking site also has a job board!) 
  • Idealist (non-profit jobs) 
  • USAJobs (federal jobs) 

Major/Career Specfic:

Professional Associations/Resources

Employers/Position Title Reported by Class of 2023 English majors

The information below represents employers and position titles from the Class of 2023 Career Outcomes Survey. To view historical Career Outcomes for this major, click here and select "Historical Data" from the navigation menu.

Employer Position Title(s)
AdClass Marketing Specialist
Alliance Kinetics Martial Arts Instructor
Backlight Student Film Festival Submissions Coordinator
Barnes & Noble, Inc. Position Not Specified
Barrow County School District Teacher
BookLogix Publishing Office Assistant
Buckhead Church Upstreet Groups Director
Courtland Content Writer
Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant
Encore National College Leadership Trainee
Erewhon Tonic Bar Associate
EY Senior Technology Risk Consultant
FitzMark Business Developer
Forsyth County School District High School English Teacher
Fulton County School District Teacher
Fulton County School District English Teacher
Groth, Makarenko, Kaiser & Eidex Receptionist
Harvard Book Store Hybrid Events/Bookseller
Homeside Construction, Inc. Office Manager
Joy Village School K-1st Grade Teacher
Land Property Leasing Agent
Mar Dat Copywriter
Modern Luxury Managing Editor
Not Specified Bank Teller
Not Specified Childcare Provider
Not Specified Anchor and Reporter
Paramount Learning Solutions, LLC Technical Writer
Republic National Distributing Company Sales Representative
Student Leadership University Marketing Coordinator
The Haven Academy Teacher
The Kraft Heinz Company Technical Writing Intern
The Walt Disney Company Merchandise Cast Member
UBS Client Services Representative
UP on the Roof Bartender
* denotes no responses received.

*Source: Areas above marked with an Asterisk (*) have been created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The "Employers Hiring...," "Job Titles of...," "Career Outcomes for...," and "Graduate/Professional Schools and Programs..." information listed above represent UGA Class of 2023 Graduates. The lists are not exhaustive and therefore do not represent all potential career options. Click here for more detailed Career Outcomes information regarding this major.

Graduate/Professional Schools attended by Class of 2023 English majors

The information below represents graduate/professional schools and programs reported through the Class of 2023 Career Outcomes Survey. To view historical Career Outcomes for this major, click here and select "Historical Data" from the navigation menu.

Graduate School Program(s)
Florida State University Law, JD
Georgetown University English Language and Literature, MA
Georgetown University Law, JD
Georgia State University Law, JD
Georgia State University Law, JD
Georgia State University Law, JD
Not Specified College Law, JD
The Chicago School Psychology, PhD
University of Georgia Law, JD
University of Georgia Public Administration, MPA
University of Georgia Ecology, MS
University of Georgia Journalism and Mass Communication, Degree Not Specified
University of Georgia Law, Degree Not Specified
University of Georgia Law, Degree Not Specified
University of Georgia Advertising, MA
University of Georgia English, Degree Not Specified
University of Georgia Spanish, Degree Not Specified
University of Miami English, PhD
University of South Carolina Creative Writing, MFA
* denotes no responses received.