UGA Specific Information for Nutritional Sciences

The Nutritional Sciences Program prepares students for careers in the health sciences, including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and physical therapy.

By studying this integrative discipline, students fulfill pre-med requirements while learning how diet and specific nutrients influence human physiology and disease. This knowledge builds a solid foundation for careers in medicine or a related health science. Students receive specialized instruction in the roles of nutrients in supporting functions of the body and all its parts, from the whole person to the organ systems and their constituent cells. The mission of the FACS Nutritional Sciences faculty is to develop students who will be competitive for admission to graduate degree programs in research, medicine and the allied health sciences.

Class of 2020 Career Outcomes for Nutritional Sciences*

** Includes Self-Employed

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Additional UGA Career Center Recommendations/Considerations

  • Participate in the Career Center's Intern for a Day program to explore career fields of interest.
  • UGA Mentor Program - Networking with your Bulldog family can help you get ahead in life and career, but where do you even start? The UGA Mentor Program narrows down the world of possibilities to meaningful connections.  It personalizes the mentoring experience; connecting you with mentors that are just right for your commitment.. There's a better way to network.  Visit today and find a mentor who can help you see your future.
  • Utilize Handshake to find internship, part-time job, or volunteer opportunities related to your career fields of interest.
  • Conduct informational interviews. Build your network through brief one-on-one conversations with professionals in your career fields of interest. Speak to your Career Consultant to discuss how to set up and prepare for informational interviews.
  • Join a student organization related to your interests and goals. Get active and taken on leadership roles in professional, service, social, advocacy, and/or honor organizations to gain valuable experience.
  • Look for student-specific and career resources from professional associations affiliated with your career fields of interest.
  • Seek research, presentation, and writing opportunities.
  • Explore and discuss graduate school options and resources early.

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Employers/Position Title Reported by Class of 2020 Nutritional Sciences majors

The information below represents employers and position titles from the Class of 2020 Career Outcomes Survey. To view historical Career Outcomes for this major, click here and select "Historical Data" from the navigation menu.

Employer Position Title(s)
Bulldog Kia Marketer
Georgia Options Personal Care Assistant
Gwinnett Clinic Medical Assistant Intern
LifeHope Labs Associate Chemist
Medciphers Patient Care Assistant
MetroDerm, P.C. Medical Assistant
Piedmont Athens Regional Anesthesia Technician
SMA Medical Labs Phlebotomist
Sports Medicine South Medical Assistant
William C McGarity, MD Certified Medical Assistant
* denotes no responses received.
*Source: Areas above marked with an Asterisk (*) have been created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The "Employers Hiring...," "Job Titles of...," "Career Outcomes for...," and "Graduate/Professional Schools and Programs..." information listed above represent UGA Class of 2020 Graduates. The lists are not exhaustive and therefore do not represent all potential career options. Click here for more detailed Career Outcomes information regarding this major.

Graduate/Professional Schools attended by Class of 2020 Nutritional Sciences majors

The information below represents graduate/professional schools and programs reported through the Class of 2020 Career Outcomes Survey. To view historical Career Outcomes for this major, click here and select "Historical Data" from the navigation menu.

Graduate School Program(s)
Augusta University Nursing, Master's; Physician's Assistant, Master's
Central Piedmont Community College General Occupational Tech, AB
Emory University Nursing, Master's
Georgetown University Nursing, Master's
Georgia Gwinnett College Undeclared, Bachelor's
Life University Chiropractic, DC
Medical College of Georgia Medicine, MD
Mercer University Nursing, Bachelor's
Nova Southeastern University Anesthesia, Master's
University of Georgia Nutrition, Master's; Nutritional Sciences, Bachelor's; STEM- Business Administration, Master's; Dietetics, Master's
University of Tennessee- Chattanooga Physical Therapy, PhD
Vanderbilt University Family Nurse Practitioner, Master's
* denotes no responses received.