4 Year Career Development Plan

This plan provides suggestions for your time at UGA. The timing and priority of each task can be dependent on your career goals. If you need help deciding where to start or what to do next, attend Career Center Drop- In Hours every weekday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. to meet with a Career Center team member.


Year One

Declare a Major & Explore Career Options

Get Involved

Get Experience

  • Utilize Handshake for on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs and internships.
  • Shadow professionals through our Intern for a Day program.
  • Attend career fairs to chat with employers about opportunities.
  • Create a resume and seek feedback from a career consultant.

Year Two

Declare a Major & Explore Career Options

  • Work with academic advisor on process of declaring a major.
  • Learn about options from people in potential career areas.
  • Shadow professionals in chosen field of interest through the Intern for a Day program.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and start building your professional network.

Stay Involved

  • Join a professional organization related to your major.
  • Interact with guest speakers and college personnel to build connections.
  • Maintain membership in clubs, organizations, and intramurals.
  • Become a leader in a student organization.

Get Experience


Year Three

Research Graduate Schools

  • Talk to professors and career consultants.
  • Search GradSchools.com or Petersons.com to find programs and professors doing interesting work.
  • Study for entrance exams and take practice tests.
  • Look at class profiles for info on currently admitted class.

Connect with Employers

  • Review company websites and literature.
  • Read magazines and journals to become familiar with trends and areas of opportunity.
  • Access company info through the Vault on our website.
  • Attend career fairs and company information sessions on campus.
  • Follow employers’ social media accounts.

Increase Involvement & Experience

  • Complete an internship or secure a career-related part-time job.
  • Try to gain leadership roles related to major or career of choice.
  • Interact with guest speakers and club advisors.
  • Join local chapters of national organizations related to your chosen field or career path.

Year Four

Complete Graduate/Professional School Prep

  • Take entrance exams.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation; be mindful of deadlines.
  • Request transcripts be sent to graduate programs.
  • Have admission essays reviewed by the Writing Center and a career consultant.

Develop a Job Search Strategy

Leverage Involvement & Experience

  • Conduct a mock interview and continue to update your resume with career consultant.
  • Seek positive references from professors and supervisors from internship and part-time positions.
  • Give references a copy of your resume.
  • Maintain relationships with those who are references.
  • Request recommendations on LinkedIn.