Are You Arch Ready?

This blog post has been updated by Kristina Rust, Career Consultant on April 1, 2024 for relevancy, inclusivity, and formatting.

Let the UGA Career Center help prepare you for life beyond the Arch.

To the UGA Career Center, getting Arch Ready means preparing University of Georgia students for professional success upon graduation. We do this through the many services we offer our students to help them achieve their professional and academic goals, from resume critiques and mock interviews for both jobs and post-graduate education, to hosting career fairs and assisting with graduate school application processes. We provide many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to get Arch Ready, which we have compiled into our four-year plan*, available in our Career Guide.

Below we have the primary steps undergraduate students should take to get on track. No matter what your plans are, we can assist you for success beyond the Arch.

1. First-Year Students: This is a great time to begin exploring majors if you are undecided, start getting involved on campus, and being getting some early experience to learn about possible career paths. Some great ways to do this are our new Explore Labs for assistance deciding on a major, joining a student organization and attending the Career Center's Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate programming.

2. Second-Year Students: This is a time for further major and career exploration, as well as becoming more involved on campus and furthering experience. Some things to look into: seek out leadership roles, consider our Intern for a Day program, and keep updating your resume.

3. Third-Year Students: You may start considering graduate or professional school as an option around this time, or you may decide to start connecting with potential future employers more. Be sure to gain even more experience at this point, and keep connecting with the Career Center through appointments, career fairs and programs.

4. Fourth+ -Year Students: During your last year(s) in your undergraduate degree, you can complete graduate school applications, develop a job search strategy, and/or leverage your experience to market yourself successfully to employers. Be sure to stay involved with the Career Center, attend career fairs, and speak to graduate program admissions offices.

We can help with all of this, and please remember: it's never too late to visit the Career Center. We can help you get Arch Ready at any point in your college career. To find ways to connect with us, please visit our website.

*The four-year plan may not be standard for all undergraduate majors, as some majors may be completed in less or more time than four years. The timing and priority of each task can be dependent on your career goals. You can modify the primary steps as needed to fit your graduation timeline.

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