During the second full week in April each year, the University of Georgia Career Center proudly presents the prestigious Student Employee of the Year award. The Career Center’s awards ceremony coincides with National Student Employment Week, a week devoted to honoring students who are working while attending college. UGA honors the top 100 students this year through an award certificate, the top 3 students with plaques, and includes our team award presented to a group of students who work closely together.

Each year, the competition to honor our incredible students is decided by a committee of staff, faculty, and students from across campus. Nomination letters are read and graded on specific criteria. There are approximately 7,000 on-campus student employees and placing in the top 100 is always competitive. Congratulations to all of our student winners. Your dedication and hard work make UGA an amazing campus!


College of Public Health, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

“Lily, Amelia, and Carolina are incredibly bright, resilient, competent, and ambitious. They are dedicated to their work at the bench – they are punctual, technically fluent, and independent. But most importantly, they are moved and driven by a larger purpose – a responsibility to their team members and to the community.”

Nominators - Dr. Erin Lipp and Megan Lott


2022 Student Employee of the Year Team Award winners
Pictured left to right: Lily Metsker, Amelia Foley, Carolina Melendez-Declet

First Place

Student Employee of the Year - First Place Award winner

Christian Albritton

Georgia 4-H Science Programs

“Christian plays an integral role in supporting our 4-H Ambassador program. Over the past two years, nearly one hundred high school 4-H youth were trained to independently implement science-related programs in their local communities.”

Nominator - Kasey Bozeman


Second Place

Student Employee of the Year - Second Place Award winner -

Darden Braun

UGA Transportation and Parking Services

“It takes a ton of preparation, knowledge, flexibility and hard work to pull off what Transit does on game days. The position he helps with on game days requires a great deal of leadership and is usually done by a full-time Supervisor. Having said that, Darden handles this with the high degree a full-time supervisor does”

Nominator - Jeff Arthur


Third Place

Student Employee of the Year - Third Place Award winner -

Kylie Zarecki

Dining Services, Public Health Nutrition Intern

“Because Kylie’s responsibilities are more than what is normally expected from a Public Health Intern, two new positions are being created within the department to allow students with this level of professionalism to take on managerial and supervisory roles.”

Nominator - Mariah McDaniel