The UGA Career Center has 16 interview rooms, located on the 2nd floor of Clark Howell Hall, which employers use to conduct interviews with UGA students and alumni. On-campus interviews give employers the opportunity to meet a series of candidates to determine initial fit. The interview will last approximately 30 minutes and will be one of the first steps in the interview process. 

All on-campus interviews are coordinated through DAWGlink. To find which employers are conducting on-campus interviews:

  • Log onto DAWGlink from the UGA Career Center homepage and click on the “jobs” tab
  •  In the “Show Me” drop-down menu, select “All Interviews”
  • In the “Position Type” drop-down menu, select the type of position you are seeking (full-time or internship)
  • Hit “Search” and the list of employers conducting on-campus interviews will appear.  This list will update throughout the semester, so check back often!

Interview No-Show Policy
Failure to appear for a scheduled interview is a discourtesy, which recruiters and the Career Center take very seriously. A significant number of no-shows may result in recruiters not returning to campus and permanently affecting future UGA students seeking employment.

Students unable to keep an appointment for a campus interview must cancel the interview through DAWGlink by 12:00 noon, two working days prior to the scheduled interview time. Students who fail to cancel their interviews in time and students who fail to appear for scheduled interviews may lose their interviewing privileges at the Career Center.