A case interview is the analysis of a business question.  It is an interactive process; your interviewer will present a business problem and ask you for your opinion. Your task is to ask the interviewer logical questions that will allow you to formulate a detailed recommendation. The majority of case interview questions do not have a right or wrong answer. The interviewer is looking for a thought process that is both analytical and creative — think out loud so the interviewer can understand how you solve problems. Specific knowledge of the industry covered by the case question is a bonus, but not necessary.

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Sample Case Interview Questions:

  • "How would you redesign an ATM machine to make it more user-friendly?"
  • "We’ve seen a lot of consolidation in the pharmaceuticals industry over the last ten years.  What factors do you think drive this activity?"
  • "The Star Trek transporter has just been invented. Spell out some of the effects on the transportation industry."
  • "A restaurant owner is setting up a new restaurant and is making a decision on the facilities to place in the restrooms for customers to dry their hands. Initial research suggests that she has three options – paper towels, roller towels, and hot air dryers. She needs to decide today.  What should she consider in her decision making process?"