Internship FAQ

What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary position for the student or recent graduate with an emphasis on providing intentional learning objectives tied to the student’s career goals or field of study. A majority of internships take place in the summer but many are available throughout the year. Internship programs can be found at private corporations, government offices, and nonprofit organizations. They can be paid or unpaid positions and sometimes include academic credit for the student.

When do I start my Internship Search?

It's never too early to begin your search! Familiarize yourself with the companies or organizations in your area of interest. Visit their website, attend information sessions and join professional organizations. There are so many ways that you can get a head start. Check the deadlines for internships.

Who can help me locate an internship?

The UGA Career Center can help you with your internship search. Each major is assigned a Career Consultant who can help you sharpen search skills, resume, cover letter, and interviewing techniques. To set up an appointment with your Career Consultant, just call (706) 542-3375.

Are Internships paid or unpaid?

About 50% of internships are paid. Many are unpaid. Some of the most popular internships are unpaid. They often offer opportunities to meet many people in the field and even to job offers far before graduation.

How do I earn credit?

Academic colleges and departments are responsible for granting credit for internships at UGA. If you are seeking credit for your internship, we encourage you to contact your department office/advisor early in your planning efforts and review the procedures in detail.

Volunteer work as an Internship?

Volunteering is a great way to gain career-related experiences! Most non-profit organizations utilize volunteers, and you can often acquire just as powerful an experience working as a volunteer in a non-profit as you could in a for profit situation. Many students find that they prefer the spirit of a non-profit and decide to make their careers in that sector. There are nearly 160 non- profit organizations in Athens and these are wonderful places to develop leadership and interpersonal skills while contributing to the community. Also make sure to check out our Not-for-Profit Career Fair in the spring.