To begin with, it may be helpful to review our guidelines on "Your Role in the Career Services Process."

It is highly recommended that most students utilize UGA’s job board – Handshake – as their primary resource when searching for jobs, part-time work, or internships. Handshake is accessed online through the UGA Career Center homepage.

There are a variety of other online job boards that may also serve as helpful resources for job seekers. However, it is important to remember that many of the popular job boards are heavily utilized and may increase the amount of competition you face in the application process. A good strategy is to seek out job boards that are more specific to your industry or professional interests. For example, seek out job boards operated by local, state, and national professional organizations or postings that are specific to one company or geographic region.

Listed below are some of the top job boards recommended to students at The University of Georgia:

  • Search and browse job postings from a wide variety of companies (log in to your LinkedIn account to access the “Jobs” page).
  • Idealist is a large job board with information on a wide variety of internships, nonprofit jobs, and volunteer opportunities throughout the world.
  • The best resource for information on federal jobs, USAJobs features up-to-date postings from a variety of professional fields and a wide number of government agencies.
  •  Resources for students seeking internships and ways to gain hands-on experience.

For more information, contact your career consultant and/or visit their resource page to find suggestions specific to your area of interest.