Part-Time: Off-Campus

Where are the jobs off-campus?

Fast Fact: Many Athens businesses receive between 5-15 job seeking walk-ins a day.

Who are some of the larger employers in the Athens area?

  • Big Box - Lowe’s, Home Depot, Grocery, Craft Stores (Michael’s), Target, Sam’s Club
  • Georgia Square Mall - Macy’s, JC Penney, Sear’s and other stores
  • Restaurants
  • Other small business in Athens
  • Outlying areas such as Commerce outlets and Watkinsville (Oconee County)

How do I apply for off-campus employment?

  • Check Handshake
  • Walk-in: Many stores would like students to walk in and introduce themselves to the hiring manager. Be prepared to fill out an application on the spot. I would suggest taking it home and filling it out if possible.
  • Many chain type stores and restaurants have applications online. Don’t rely on this method to secure a job. Find out who the hiring manager is and stop by to introduce yourself.

Tips for securing off-campus employment

Did you know?
Many off-campus employers say dependability is the key quality they are looking for in student employees.

  • Make phone calls to local employers and find out who the hiring manager is.
  • Get out! Pound the pavement and introduce yourself to the hiring manager.
  • Introduce yourself with a 15-30 second infomercial.
    • “Hi, My name is Jake Strong and I’m a sophomore Psychology major from Marietta where I worked at Rocky’s Pizza Shack. I started out making pizzas but quickly was moved to the wait staff and often opened and closed the restaurant on my weekend shifts. I understand that great service is a key to your success and I believe I can contribute right away to Bob’s Spaghetti Hut.”