Researching Careers

You should know…

  • Many careers DO NOT follow from a specific major.
  • Many college graduates are successful in fields not directly related to their academic majors.
  • Some careers require specific training (nursing, accounting, engineering, for example).
  • Your major helps you develop your aptitude and abilities so that you can apply those skills to many different careers.

To discover what you want to do, the Career Center recommends utilizing a variety of resources.  Be sure to visit What Can I Do with a Major in… for ideas on how UGA students have translated their academic career in the work world.

The following list will guide you through the research process: from gathering information to taking action.

  1. Utilize Online and Print Resources
  2. Talk to Others
  3. Take Action
    • Participate in Intern for a Day. Follow a professional for a day and experience a typical workday. The Career Center has a formal job shadowing program that takes place in the fall and the spring.
    • Complete an internship. Gain extensive knowledge and build your skills set as a way to explore career options.
    • Volunteer in the community and gain skills in an area related to what you may do in the future.
    • Join a club or organization. View the 675+ active organizations at UGA. Get active in professional, service, social, advocacy, and/or honor organizations to gain valuable experience.
    • Seek research projects, presentation, and writing opportunities.

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