Carefully choose job references that compliment your resume. A good reference should be someone who confirms the details of your resume and offers positive feedback regarding your work or educational skills and experience. They should ideally have known you for at least one year.

Contact and obtain permission from each individual whom you are asking to serve as your reference. You do not want a reference to be surprised when contacted by a potential employer, and you want to be confident the person is comfortable with serving as an outstanding reference for you. When you secure permission, verify all details of your references' contact information, including spelling of name, job title, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Your list of references should include 3-5 of the following:

  • Former and/or current supervisors
  • Colleagues and/or subordinates
  • Former customers/clients
  • Former professors
  • Contacts from volunteer work or student organizations

References should not be included in your actual resume. Include them as a separate sheet. Do not submit references to employers unless they have been requested.

An example of a reference page can be found here.